View Full Version : Image Commander v.1.2

20th April 2009, 10:59
Image Commander is a simple application for bulk picture processing.
It's appearance is very similar to a standard two-panel file manager.
Users can perform a various set of operations on the chosen images.
Settings applied to every image can be saved for future use/reference.
The application allows a preview of a modified image on every stage of processing.
When the required modifications for all files are set the user can execute a batch process by pressing F5 key.

* Watermark
Function 'Logo' was expand - trasparency to an overlayed picture was added , and now is called 'Watermark'
* It is added new functions to dialog, where user can view pictures (Picture Viewer):
- with view of an images, in current panel the file of this one image is highlighted,
- user have possibility to check/uncheck viewed image, what correspondents with situation in the current panel,
- user can rotate the image, and next save it to disk (with the same name, in the same directory),
- user can delete the file image from the hard drive .
* New functions related to color has been added:
- gray scale,
- negate,
- normalize,
- minimize noise,
- equlize
* 'Rotate' function has been added - it implements rotation of the image with requested angle,
* 'Border' function has been added -it draws border around the image, each part of it can be in diferent color.