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20th April 2009, 12:55
Finally I decided to publish QExtendedGridView. Take a look and use it if you want...

QEXtendedGridView ( at qt-apps.org ) (http://www.qt-apps.org/content/show.php/QExtendedGridView?content=103163)

28th April 2009, 08:34
I'm refactoring QExtendedGridView improving some parts. I've created too a new object :QExtendedTabWidget. It's an extension of QTabWidget, allowing to show / hide tabs.

Its here (http://www.qt-apps.org/content/show.php?content=103163)

I only have a problem you can see if you put a QExtendedGridView inside your code.

When it gains focus, the BASE widget has the focus, not the first or second QTreeView ( the other components have QT::Nofocus set on focusPolicy ). I've to press Tab key to go to the first/second TreeView.

It's very anoying. I've tested to set the focus to Qt::NoFocus on the base widget, but this avoids it's inner QTreeViews to gain focus.

I've tested too using setFocusProxy and nothing works as expected.

Any ideas ?