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1st May 2009, 21:36
One year after last official release, I'm glad to announce a new version of xVideoServiceThief.

This new version 2.0a comes with a lot of new features, improvements and updated services, but the most important change is the new xVST core based on plugins (java script plugins), so everyone can now write their own plugins.

The new xVST is developed using the last Qt framework (4.5.x), which is needed for the new xVST plugins core.

Also, an official version for MacOS X (Intel) is available! Yes! Finally! The PPC version is being developed.

The xVST linux version now includes a simple install script, which will help the users install the new xVST. Please read the "readme.txt" before install the xVST linux.


Enjoy it!

Changelog 2.0a:

- Upgraded to Qt 4.5.x

- Changed the internal xVST monolithic core to a dynamic core (based on Plugins)
- Changed: After a new update, on restart the program will check again for updates

- Added Danish (DA) translation (thanks to Jens Chr. True)
- Added Portugese - Brasil (BR) translation (thanks to Mateus Tuler)
- Added Korean (KR) translation (thanks to Lee Evan)
- Added Hungarian (HU) translation (thanks to Zoltán Magyar (ZityiSoft))
- Added Galician (GL) translation (thanks to Marcos DÃ*az)
- Added Romanian (RO) translation (thanks to Iulian Temelie)
- Added German (DE) translation (thanks to Christian Kieschnick)
- Added Swedish (SV) translation (thanks to Daniel Nylander)
- Added automatic user language O.S detection
- Added URL for each video service in "Information" form
- Added embeded checking for updates at startup
- Added the possibility to set a custom conversion configuration on add a new video
- Added sorting for "Downloads log" list (now is sorted from old to new downloads)
- Added possibility to open urls (double click) in "Downloads log" list
- Added Paypal donate button in main window
- Added conditional updates (for future possible complicated updates)
- Added double click detection on Drag&Drop window (displaying the main window)
- Added two new formats to convert:
- MP4 (*.mp4) format
- Sony PSP (*.mp4) format

- Fixed bug (Error: when two or more videos failed an exception was generated)
- Fixed bug (Error: iPod mp4 format was not converted, thanks to "Jens Chr. True" for your help)
- Fixed bug (Error: 3gp format was not converted)
- Fixed bug (Error: editing the "Downloads Dir" manually in Main form, on enter a new char the cursor where placed at end of edit)
- Fixed bug (Error: Invlaid file names when the video title contains '/' or '\')
- Fixed bug (Error: Paypal link was corrupt, now the Paypal button links to xVST website donation page)
- Fixed bug (Error: Open downloads directory in tray icon were not opened)
- Fixed bug (Error: unneeded "content-length" header was added causing "400 bad request" error in some servers)
- Fixed bug (Error: speed buttons of Options window where bad linked to mouse actions)

- Updated English language
- Updated Spanish language
- Updated Catalan language
- Updated french language
- Updated ffmpeg lib to last version (0.5)

- Improved internal HTTP class (added connection timeout)
- Improved update center (added download error detection)

- Revised all services:
- Added HD videos for Youtube
- Added HD videos for GameSpot
- Added Tangle.com (before GodTube)
- Removed Sclipo: Videos are not publics
- Removed Stage6: Website closed
- Removed Lulu.tv: Website closed (now is lulu.com and its a shopping site)
- Removed ZanyVideos: Videos are not publics
- Removed Zaable: Now is a strange website (videos seems to be privates)
- Removed Broadcaster: Website closed
- Removed GodTube: Website changed to Tangle
- Removed ZippyVideos: Website seems to be down


- Added new function: echo "msg"
- Added possibility to use " inside the ".." (i.e: "bla bla \"quoted\" bla bla")
- Added new optional parameter to "exec" function "wait" (i.e: exec "app" wait)


- Configuration file for linux os is now : ~/.xVideoServiceThief (thanks to AzalSup)
- Default download directory for linux os is now ~/xVideoServiceThief_downloads (thanks to AzalSup)


- Compiled with last VC++ version (VC++ 2008 express edition)

Windows Vista:

- Added detection of Windows Vista for advertise about "administrator permission"
- Added administrator permission before execute xUpdater

MacOS X:

- Added ffmpeg internal detection
- Resized all windows for better user experience
- Configuration file for MacOS X is now: /Users/{User}/Preferences
- All configuration files are now PLIST's

1st May 2009, 22:11
Cool, a url would be nice. (Even if I have find it through google;))

1st May 2009, 22:17
Ooooops! Sorry! xD I missed the url! :P

Thank you for remember me the url! :o

Link: http://xviservicethief.sourceforge.net/


2nd May 2009, 05:18
Looks amazing :D. *gives props*. Now if you can make a Gentoo ebuild. I'll be more happy :)