View Full Version : Any special .dll for images ?

5th May 2006, 11:58
I have Qt installed in 2 computers. One with Linux and the other with Windows.

I am taking screenshots of the desktop and in both computers it works fine. When I run my program in another computer, without any Qt installation, the program works, but the screenshot is always empty.

I have attached some libraries to my program, therefore it is able to run in this new computer.

Is there any .dll or something that I need to give together with my program, so the screenshots will work ?

5th May 2006, 12:16
See if you can use the dependency walker to determine which dlls that are used. Qt 4 comes as a set of dlls, and some depends on the others.

5th May 2006, 12:20
What is the dependency walker ?
How do I use it ?

more info please...

5th May 2006, 12:26

5th May 2006, 13:04
You need directory imageformats with image plugins (like qgif1.dll, qjpeg1.dll for windows) under dir. where your executable lies. Or try put libraries in one of directories which is in environment path but I didn't try this way.