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6th May 2006, 10:27
Hi all !
I never use C++ Builder and Delphi so i cant see all pro et contra in diff them with Qt. In my work some programers never use Qt and they always ask me what Qt give better to programmer then Builder or Delphi (finite except cross-platform)? Is Qt have some other fundamental advantage?
I will be very grateful if you give some link or examples in this respect :)

6th May 2006, 16:12
Why don't you ask them the same thing? What do they have Qt doesn't?

Delphi is excellent for rapid application development, but is not as flexible as Qt. Qt is portable, whereas Builder and Delphi aren't (despite the Delphi port to Linux -- which uses Qt internally by the way). Qt gives you high-level easy extendible components like the model view programming, rich text, networking, xml, etc. And there is Designer :)

You can make a contest, if you wish. Ask your mates to develop some simple application and measure how much time it takes. Ask the windows to be resizable with all controls following the size of the window. Make the application perform some easy networking tasks or whatever.

8th May 2006, 07:46
I have been a C++Builder/Delphi user for over 4 years. I know VCL very well and was very happy to use the 2 RAD tools. But now I change to use Qt for 2 years because I face below problems:

1. M$ is changing to .net platform in stead of the old Win32, C++Builder and Delphi users have no upgrade path to go.
2. The Kylix(Linux Delphi) is using Qt behind to acheive cross-platform with bad performance, then why I dont use Qt directly to make fast application?
3. Both Qt and VCL application framework are very well coded, but Qt is real C++ while C++Builder 's VCL is a wrapper to Delphi's VCL, which is much slower than what a C++ application to be expected.

You are welcome to ask more detail about this if you want to, thanks.

8th May 2006, 09:08
Ok big thanks for answers. Now its enough for me i understand that Qt beyond comparison :) But in future if i will be have more detailed asks i necessarily post it here :)