View Full Version : problem in QGraphicsItemGroup

14th May 2009, 09:11
hi friends,
i want to show and hide certain group of items in my graphicsScene() .... so i group these items using item group ...

QList<QGraphicsItem *> x86List;
QGraphicsItemGroup *x86Group ;

and i appended the items to x86List one by one ...
and then

x86Group = scene->createItemGroup(x86List);
x86Group->setHandlesChildEvents (false );

but when i assign x86Group = scene->createItemGroup(x86List); it start showing the items in the scene ... but i want to add it under certain function call only ...

i dont know how to hide the group beforre the condition met ...

please help :(

14th May 2009, 09:27
How about trying to call x86Group->hide(); :rolleyes:
Since QGraphicsItemGroup is inherited from QGraphicsItem :)