View Full Version : I think QtCreator has an issue with windows!..

14th May 2009, 09:41
My problem is very strange indeed, I create a project, i compile it with no syntax error but does not run, why?
Then i just created another project with only the auto - codes generated, compile, it runs!

then i thought there might be a minor issue here, since i run platforms (linux-ubuntu | windows), i decided to take the very same source files to ubuntu, when i comiple, no erros and it runs!

Ok, i can still do my coding and compiling on ubuntu, but what if i want that program to run on windows, how can i deploy it guys?...

may be someone can help me on this, IT MAKES ME SICK!!!!!...

thanks guys!

14th May 2009, 09:55
I'm totally guessing but are you using relative paths to files somewhere in your application? Remember that on Windows the application is put into debug or release subdirectory so relative paths change.