View Full Version : Lowest section in C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\xpsp2res.dll is .rsrc at 00011000

14th May 2009, 11:17

I see this during the running of my program. My program runs fine, but I was wondering what this was and whether it might cause any bigger problems in the future?

I did a search and saw some logs with the same warning sign, but most people seem to ignore it.



14th May 2009, 16:40
Yes, I have the same question, but, it seems nobody knows it.

22nd October 2009, 12:25
I would also very much like to know whats up with this... I am curretly having strange problems with my APP.

Could anyowne comment on what this warning means? :confused:

11th November 2009, 21:31
I am seeing this too... no idea what it means though!!

11th November 2009, 22:01
It just means that the debugger encounted a dll file with a resource section but nothing else. They normally expect a '.text' section, but since the dll contains no code (its just resource data), there is no such section.

It certainly shouldn't cause your application to behave strangely.

8th August 2010, 13:36
Hi Folks

I'm new in this Forum and developing now for some time qith Qt.. It's my diploma thesis

I allso know this Error.. but I never worried about it, because it worket fine.. But know I have a strange behavior..

within my project I'm displaying a .jpg ; means a QPainter draws a Pixmap

everything worked fine.. until I don't konw what happend it didn' show annymore..
every Pixmap ist drawed within a QWidget of there own.. on the "motherwidget" => dynamic polymorphie
<Object>.raise() doesn't help either..

Know the strange thing if I run the App on Debugmode with no Brakepoint the pic show's, if I run with debuging disabled it doesn't show..
when it show's i get the Error of this topic (DebugRun)
when it doesn't show i don't get any Error's (Run)

Any Idea if that could have to do something with my Problem that my Pic doesn't show?

THX everybody

8th August 2010, 14:33
Maybe you only have the debugging version of some library and not the release version?

8th August 2010, 16:08
Where could I get those Release Lib's if that's the prob.

btw. I'm working with the Qt-Creator ... Qt SDK by Nokia v2010.02.1 (open source)

8th August 2010, 16:16
Don't Panik ... :o

My Prob hasn't got to do annything with this topic..

I solved the prob.. I mixed up some variable and lost of-cource the correct Values, could byte my ass ;)