View Full Version : QT Simplified Chinese Support Problem (font size not consistent)

14th May 2009, 20:55
I am localizing our product to different languages. For "Simplified Chinese", some Chinese words are displayed in different font size from other words. A screenshot can be viewed here:

I am using QT Linguist to edit the <app>_zh.ts file to generate the <app>_zh.qm file. These Chinese characters are entered using the same Windows Chinese text input engine.

This font size problem does not happen to Korean or Japanese language. Does anyone know how to resolve this? thanks much in advance,


15th May 2009, 08:16
try setting the same font size yourself, like:

if ((language == "zh-chs") || (language == "zh-cn")) // Chinese (Simplified) - SimSun
m_StandardFont = QFont(m_Fonts.value(fntSimChinese), 10, QFont::Normal);
else if ((language == "zh-cht") || (language == "zh-tw")) // Chinese (Traditional) - Mingliu
m_StandardFont = QFont(m_Fonts.value(fntTradChinese), 10, QFont::Normal);