View Full Version : Controls are automaticaly deleted in QWizardPage

15th May 2009, 11:15

I am designing a QWizardPage in which the controls are placed in the layouts. If i try to place the control in Horizontal Layout or Horizontal Layout with Splitter then the controls are automatically gets deleted.

steps to reproduce the issue

1. Create a UI which inherits QWizardPage
2. Place a QLable and QLineEdit in Horizontal Layout and then place that layout in
QGroupBox. Then place the Group Box in Grid Layout.
3. Create another group box with the exact controls above.
4. Then place the two group box in a "Horizontal Layout with Splitter"
5. Once step 4 is finished, the controls are automatically deleted when click outside of the layout.

Please try this and let me know how to resolve this issue.