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15th May 2009, 11:07
Available on http://sourceforge.net/projects/qhelpers/. Maybe it helps someone...

It includes some different tools, reduced to my needs :cool:

First of all, the maker tool: based on the use of environment vars, you can build different projects with different qt versions (qt3 included) and different compilers (win32 only). It is one Gui to update the sources with cvs/svn, create your docs with doxygen, quick-switch between debug and release, run qmake/compiler/lupdate/lrelease, then build a setup.exe/rpm/deb and upload it to a ftp server. Currently I am adding support for quick-editing files (starting vi), open a command line (cygwin needed on win32, opens a bash) and open the matching assistant.
makemk assumes, that there is one environment var which points to your source tree (MYSRC=~/sources/mysrc for example), so this is set when starting compiler and qmake. Thats all.

A simple kind of versioning: makever takes the base version number from $VAR/src/version.ini plus the version of the package to be compiled. It creates a buildinfo.cpp with the functions getBuildDate() and getVersion() to be used in an About-Dialog.

A simple kind of release notes: an editor for a simple xml file with who, what, description and small filter abilities.

ncd (ncurses based) and qcd (graphical): quickly change the current directory. Set a group with ncd -g mygroup, read a source tree with ncd -r $MYGROUP, then change to a directory within ncd mylib. DOS users may know the theory :rolleyes:

The installer tool: you have to re-setup your Windows? No problem: just add your setup files to the program database and hit "Start" - if you don't use any Microsoft Program, you can install everything with a few mouse clicks. The redmon programs unfortunately do a reboot :mad: Additionally you see if there any new versions available, the install directory ist pasted in the clipboad, so you only have to hit Shift-INS to have everything in the right path. Only problem: more and more installers unpack themselves to $TMP, and then start a second program... only the registry hacks seem not to work properly

The missing windows program: which! Find where the program is taken from. Very useful when you have 5 versions of qmake installed :D

Feedback welcome.