View Full Version : Is there a resizeable layout

14th January 2006, 19:40
My application shall basicly have a similar layout as pgAdmin (see attachment): Left side a tree widget with one column, and right side a stacked widget with changing content depending on what is selected in the tree view.

What kind of layout is available in the toolbox to have a vertical bar between the tree view and the stacked widget to resize the space occupied by the two with the mouse at runtime?

14th January 2006, 19:48
You need a splitter (third or fourth item in the "Form" menu).

14th January 2006, 20:04
Oh, I overlooked it completely - maybe because those splitter layouts are allways disabled (greyed out). Are they not applicable on the top level (main window), or are there any other constraints?


Stupid me, the two related widgets must be selected to enable the sptitter layouts of cause.