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3rd June 2009, 12:06
Hi there,

I am developing a GUI application in Qt4.
Question 1 : screen size of the GUI has to toggle when I click Left Mouse button and press Alt key on the keyboard. It does not work for this combination However if I replace the Alt Key with Key F1 i.e. Left Mouse button Click + F1 key, Press the screen toggles. Also to let you know I am able to combine Alt + Esc button so as to exit the GUI application. But some how I dont seem to find a way to combine Left Mouse Button + Alt.

Question 2: When user fills a form in Html page and submits it, the request is sent to the web server via GET/POST method. However I need to route the information in forms to terminal when user submits the form. So is there a way or any function through which this functionality can be achieved?

I would be grateful if some one can help me out with small code snippets or atleast a hint of how to solve the above mentioned problems.

Thanks in advance..

3rd June 2009, 14:29
are u using Qt::KeyboardModifier in keypressEvent ..

combine both mousepressevent and keypressevent .. like this thread