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9th June 2009, 18:48
hello, I am using an example , in which example there is no 'UI' File . Just backend coding of forms.
how can I view '.UI' File of QT 4.?

9th June 2009, 19:13
You can view UI files in Qt 4 Designer or edit using editor. But you don't have UI file in your example then what's the purpose of viewing.

If you are checking Qt 4.xx examples. There are UI files in few examples. You can take look under following directory if you have installed Qt4.
Qt\4.xx\examples\designer\worldtimeclockbuilder\fo rm.ui

9th June 2009, 19:44
i wana change in UI file, so thats why i want to view this file.........
then what i can do while i am working on that project

9th June 2009, 20:14
You could "redesign" the user interface, which is coded manually in the example, in the Qt Designer.
Then add the ui-file to the pro-file, get rid of the manually coded widgets and use the ui-file in your application (http://doc.qtsoftware.com/4.5/designer-using-a-ui-file.html; I prefer the "single inheritance approach").

9th June 2009, 23:06
you mean that i design a new UI file .....but its too lenthy to code forms......
there is no solution to make UI file whether it is not here
reply plz

9th June 2009, 23:08
If you want to have a ui file generated from a cpp file then this is not possible.