View Full Version : Application icon and big dlls

15th June 2009, 18:11
i've set an icon for the exe of an application like descriped here: Setting the Application Icon (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.0/appicon.html#setting-the-application-icon-on-windows)
But after the exe wanted new dlls like qtcored4.dll. That would be no problem but they are bigger than the old one. Is it possible to use the old :confused:


15th June 2009, 19:12
qtcored4.dll is the debug version. qtcore4.dll (no "d") is the release version... so if you're building a debug version of your app, using qtcored4.dll is no problem, but if you're going to build a release version and release the app, you should make sure it links to the release version of the qt libraries, which in this case is qtcore4.dll (no "d"). Note, too, that this is how all the qt libraries are named to differentiate the debug and release versions of the libraries.


15th June 2009, 19:38
How stupid. I thought that i used the release build. Good to know what the ...d4.dll are :rolleyes:
Thx for your help