View Full Version : QwebPage within a QGraphicsWidget

16th June 2009, 18:32

I've recently been attempting to embed a QWebPage object within a QGraphicsWidget, and whilst is mostly working there is one irritating bug that i appear to be unable to solve on my own ;).

When a <select> tag is embedded in the html the resulting drop down is always drawn at the top left of the screen regardless of where the actual QGraphicsWidget holding the QWebPage is.

If i use the QGraphicsProxyWidget class to wrap a QWebView it all works fine, however the performance becomes noticably slower.

I've tried multiple different solutions to this and i just can't get my head round it, i'm assuming its something to do with the co-ordinate system of the qwebpage thats being fed into the the webcore renderer but i just can't spot the issue. Its probably something trivial that the qgraphicswidget class needs to do as it is essentially acting as the view.

Any idea's would be appreciated as i had thought i was getting the hang of this qt malarky ;)