View Full Version : Generate the .ts files for translation

17th June 2009, 13:22

I want to translate my application in other languages.

In order to understand how works qt Linguist, I have follow a little tutorial. So, I have done a makefile project (I work with visual studio 2008 with qt integration) and then used the function tr() in my program. Then I have modify the .pro file (by adding the line TRANSLATIONS = myProgram_en.ts myProgram_es.ts) and finally call the function lupdate myfile.pro in the qt command prompt. After I can use these files with Qt Linguist.

But now let's present my real application. It is a solution which is composed of several projects with dependencies. There are some Application projects (.exe), Static library projects (.lib), Dynamic Library projects (.dll). I suppose I have to generate the .ts files one for each project. But how can I do ? I have no more .pro files.

Maybe it is not the correct way of doing?
Thanks in advance for your explanations.