View Full Version : QWebView SSL Handshake failed

17th June 2009, 15:37

Im using QWebview to browse through https sites. But for few sites like login.yahoo.com/ , it reports as " SSL Handshake failed". I tired connecting to sslerrors of WebView->page()->networkAccessManager(). But that never gets emmited.

Also i connected to unsupportedContent() signal of QWebpage. This gets emitted properly.

My doubt is how to enable the handshake to proceed correctly. Should we set certificates seperately for this purpose.

Or is there any clean way to achieve it.

19th June 2009, 11:31
Okay wakeup guys,

Seems like there is an issue with QSslSocket in Qt. The same code which is giving "SSL Handshake failed" exececuted like a breeze on Qt for S60.

I found some bug raised too https://edit.qt.troll.no/developer/task-tracker/index_html?method=entry&id=246856

Anyways lets update any new findings