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17th June 2009, 17:15
Hello friends,

I have one questions about the google maps api interaction with Qt. Now I have an html file with my map. I have also a kml file with many overlays. When I import the kml file in Google Earth I get an tree with the items which represent the overlays and I can click it in or out.

So now I try to write an App with interaction to the google maps. How can I import the kml file into a say treewidget or Treeview with clickable item and anytime I click an item in my tree the maps show me the overlay. I don´t understand the interaction Qt<->GoogleMaps or
QWebView<->Js or the interaction with kml etc.

Any suggestions.

17th June 2009, 17:34
seems like kml follows xml standard. So you can comfortably parse the file using xml modules, prefer to use xml patterns and XSLT


Prepare the view based on the required elements from kml, upon click extract the element and query against kml using xml query (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.5/qxmlquery.html)

This results in fast and direct element retrieval.

You can very well use QWebview to render the maps.