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21st June 2009, 12:57
hi guys,

i'm currently trying to convert the contents of a QTextDocument to another format, simply by processing it pretty much hierarchically:
- process each frame/table
- process each block/list
- process each fragment

the problem with this method is that a block's or fragments' text doesn't contain any newline characters (since they are converted to "ParagraphSeparators").

i tried to find the newline characters by selecting the current block with a new QTextCursor and then using a QTextDocumentFragment to get the "plain text".
QTextCursor::select( QTextCursor::BlockUnderCursor ) also selects the ParagraphSeparator before the block.
i created a new QTextDocumentFragment and gave the previously created QTextCursor as an argument in its constructor.
now QTextDocumentFragment::toPlainText() also contained the character before the block and when QTextDocumentFragment::toPlainText().at( 0 ) == '\n', i knew there was an '\n' before the current block.
i can also post the according code to this if that helps.

even though it seems kind of "quick&dirty", it works for a single newline before a block.
but if, for example, there was an empty line before a new block ("\n\nBlockText"), the 2 newlines ("\n\n") were put together as one ParagraphSeparator and therefore using QTextDocumentFragment as i explained above doesn't make it possible to know if there was an empty line before a block.

so... sorry for writing such a long text, but i found it pretty difficult to explain (probably because i'm not a native speaker ...).
i hope someone can help me out here.
maybe i just didn't find some easy trick, or maybe even my whole approach to processing the QTextDocument is crap?

thanks in advance!


25th June 2009, 16:57
sorry for double posting!
i'd just like to know if there's really nobody able to help me here or if you have problems understanding my explanation of the problem.