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22nd June 2009, 09:06
I have a range of values, e.g. 0.0 - 30.0. I want to display data from a subrange set by the user. What I want is a vertical slider with a user defined start and a user defined end. I.e. I want the user to be able to set a range 0.0 - 10.0 or 8.0 - 30.0 and so on.

Does anyone have a good suggestion to how I can accomplish this? I would really like a slider with two value-sliders, but will maybe have to put the two beside eachother and actively set a restrained range. But this is not beautiful.

I could use spinboxes, but the range is adjusting a paint-procedure, so it would seem somewhat undynamic.

22nd June 2009, 09:35
Try this:

22nd June 2009, 12:42
Thanks, for the reply. I will look into that, but in essence, was that exactly what I wanted, and I conclude that Qt itself has not this functionality built in.

I will have to see if I want to drag another 3rd party into my project for that functionality alone.