View Full Version : How to link to Coin3d and SoQt with Qt4.5 in Windows

23rd June 2009, 17:37

Sorry if this kind of problem posted already but I cannot find the answer to my problem: How do I compile and link my program with Coin3d and SoQt in Windows? I use QtCreator 4.5 and Coin3d 2.5, SoQt 1.4.1 installed in Windows. When I try to compile a program inside QtCreator (using Build/Build All menu button), I got a linking problem:
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I did specify path to Coin3d and SoQt lib directory as this: -L"C:\Program Files\Coin2.5\lib" -L"C:\Program Files\SoQt1.4.1\lib". I also use a define flag to indicate that I want to link to those libraries statically, namely, -DCOIN_NOT_DLL -DSOQT_NOT_DLL

Notice, however, that inside these 2 directories, instead of a bunch of *.lib files as one would expect, I only have libCoin.dll.a, libCoin.la, libSoQt.dll.a, libSoQt.la. Is this a problem?

Thank you all for your assistance.