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24th June 2009, 22:30
I have a class creating a pdf using QTextDocument and QPainter .

What I would like to do is I would like to craate a HTML file that looks exactly same lile pdf I created

25th June 2009, 08:12
does any body have an idea for this?

25th June 2009, 10:00
hello everyone

please help me for this, is this a possible thing that I deal with?

25th June 2009, 16:35
Dear All,

We have problem :confused: placing a text on HTML. We have lines, spinboxes etc. We would like to export( or print) these
values to html. But the problem we have is not exporting them to HTML,
problem is to place them on HTML where we want (like x and y condinates). Is there a function to do this?

Waiting for reply:crying:

25th June 2009, 18:58
What I would like to do is I would like to craate a HTML file that looks exactly same lile pdf I created
As I have said in a previous post, that is not possible. Only a approximation and that is not so trivial. And once again, why do you need a HTML when you already have a PDF? What is the aim of transforming the PDF to HTML? I guess, that HTML isn't what you want...

25th June 2009, 20:12
For conversion from PDF to HTML, users wants to change the date on the HTML that is why we want to convert to HTML, what do you mean by approxemete?

25th June 2009, 20:35

just because I am curious, could you post a sample PDF output of your application?

So if it is only one date they wanna change, then before converting your data to HTML which should look like your PDF, there might be some 3rd party libraries, which could add a user editable field to a PDF, or what came to my mind:

You have an application and want to to print a report over certain data to a PDF. Beside the pdf creation also store the pure data in a application defined format. Distribute an auxiliary program to your costumers, which reads that data in again, ask the user for their preferred data and create a PDF once again with the custom date. That is probably the easiest solution.