View Full Version : QTimeEdit / QDateEdit doubleclick behavior

26th June 2009, 15:25

When doubleclicking a section in QTimeEdit / QDateEdit, not only the section, but also the "." or ":" are selected. This is very annoying, because it is not possible to change the values by pressing the keys on the keyboard.

For example:

16:45:53 when I doubleclick inside the 16, the selection is "16:". I cannot change the value. When I hit the Tab key, not the next section is selected but the seconds selection.

Other time edits like the WinXp time edit (when changing the system, time) behave correctly and select only the section.

This looks like a bug (Qt 4.4.3), is this solved in Qt 4.5 or is there a workaround?


26th June 2009, 17:28
I just tested it on Qt 4.5 / Windows, it works fine, separators are not selected in QTimeEdit and QDateEdit when you double-click a number.

It's probably a bug.