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27th June 2009, 09:40

I have some problem with using QPSQL driver on windows (with MSVC). What I did already:
- downloaded posgresql-8.3.7-binaries-no-installer for windows
- extracted it :]
- the I did everything told in QtAssistant to build the QPSQL plugin
- it has built ok, so i have the qsqlpsql.dll (and 'd' version also)
- but it is not working ;(

I checked dependencies with DependencyWalker and tried to copy all the needed dlls, but there were tousends of them and some of them I don't even have (but they were delayed-loaded). I did not help - still "Driver not loaded" :(

So I downloaded posgres sources, and build libpq on my own but then when i want to compile QPSQL plugin I get a lot of:

libpq.lib(something.obj): undefined reference to _imp_something
so building failed :/

What is more interesting on other machine I had exactly the same problem, but I got qsqlpsql.dll plugin from someone and it worked and didn't need any of dlls I was copying to the sqlplugins dir in my case...

So does anyone has an idea what's going on?

29th June 2009, 20:49
no ideas? ;>

29th June 2009, 21:07
I've only built the oracle driver. Occasionally I will run into the problem of the plugin cache not being correct. After you've installed the plugin, Delete the cache from the registry. Instructions are in the QSqlDriver page.

That fixed my problem.