View Full Version : Problems editing QTableWidgetItem

27th June 2009, 22:06
Hi all, I have a question about a situation. I have am writing a program when I open a new dialog. The dialog has a table and I want to be able to edit the table depending on the user's actions. When I load the original values of the table in the constructor for the dialog, I can edit the QTableWidgetItem instances just fine. I have another function "update" which I call to update certain widgets. This is just a regular function but it is able to edit checkboxes' checked status as long as they are not on the table. When I try to put in code to edit the checkboxes which are in a QtTableWidgetItem the program hangs. However, when I put the same code to try to edit those checkboxes in a slot that is called via a signal being emitted, it edits just fine. Also calling those slots from the update function also causes the program to hang. Has anyone encountered something like this before? If so what is the correct way to go about doing things and does anyone have an idea of why exactly this happens?