View Full Version : integrate phonon, video capture and audio capture for video conference

1st July 2009, 01:28
Hi all,

I am working on a video conference project. Right now I have the video capture/encoding, audio capture/encoding, and network part. I would like to use Qt for the interface, and phonon for playing video and audio. I also modified the multimedia player sample code from Qt website.

I am wondering is there any way for phonon to play steaming video? For example, the program gets packets(including several frames of video or a chunk of audio) from the networks, and save the packets in memory(buffer or link list structure). How can I use phonon to play these several frames, like I may have two buffers(one for receiving data and the other for Qt playing), can Qt play these two buffers in order for a loop?


3rd July 2009, 14:32
If you already have the encoding en networking part ready, why not just render the raw frames using a QPainter onto a custom widget?

5th July 2009, 06:55
is there any way to use phonon? I think phonon is cool, and i want to try it-)

5th July 2009, 18:22
If you have the buffer already then it is not too difficult.
You will need to implement your own QIODevice with the buffer as the source. The QIODevice is then your MediaSource.

When 4.6 comes out, it may get easier with a working QAbstractMediaStream (instead of QIODevice), but this class is currently only working with Xine backend on Linux.