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Qt Coder
2nd July 2009, 14:04
I m using Qt 4.4.3 on windows
I want to use SQLite database for my application.
I have installed SQLIte Maestro and created database.

could anyone tell me steps to connect to SQLite from Qt.......

do I need to configure any SQLite optins..??

2nd July 2009, 15:26
Take a look at Qt examples. There is a fiile called "examples/sql/connection.h".

In your case you will have to specify a valid path to your db instead of ":memory:".

8th July 2009, 02:57
Try this.

// Declares a database object
QSqlDatabase db

// opens a database connection for sqlite database
db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE");

// creates/opens a database genes.db in home directory of your application.

8th July 2009, 13:12
Part example:

#define DBHOST "" //for localhost loop
#define DBDRIVER "QSQLITE" //if use other DB need the driver with dll files
#define DBNAME "DB.db3" //name used for the database file

Database::Database() {

bool Database::createConnectiontoSqlite() {
QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase(DBDRIVER);// changed "QSQLITE" with define DBDRIVER
db.setDatabaseName(DBNAME); //if the dababase does not exist he will create it
//the database name is also the name of the file in the working directory
// db.setUserName("user");//username and password does not affect SQLITE db
// db.setPassword("pass");

if (!db.open()) {
QMessageBox::critical(0, QObject::tr("DB Error - CreateConnection()"),
return false;
return true;


void Database::createTables() {
QSqlQuery query;
//main Tables
// table
"create table table1(id int primary key, name varchar(20), variable int, company int)");
query.exec("insert into table1 values(1, 'Default', 1, 1)");
query.exec("insert into table1 values(2, 'blabla', 2, 1)");

qDebug() << "dB created "; //need to set up debug in the .pro file

hope this help