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12th July 2009, 14:59
i'm a newbie in qt.

i develop under linux suse-10.3.-64.bit
qt version: qt-creator
qt running
-> examples with mit opencv & opengl OK

for a program i must have a rs232-serial-connections to
a microcontroller.
under "c" its running.

now the questions:
- 1) for qt i have download the qextserialport-1.1.tar.gz
- 2) after +entpackt+ (on german)
- 3) with the qt-creator make build with the *.pro - files

- Makefile
- /build/ -> *.so - files 4 pieces
- /build/obj/ - *.o files
- /examples/qespta/

what are next steps?
that i can working with the qextserialport ?
working with rs232-servial-comport?

it's ok when i do on the console a "make"?

or takes this more steps?

if are these steps ok, can i then running the

thanks for help and hints and tips.
excuse my bad english
regards nomad

13th July 2009, 09:14
You need to use QExtSerialPort as any other library. Place it somewhere, add appropriate entries (LIBS, INCLUDEPATH) pointing to the library and header files to qmake project file and rerun qmake.

13th July 2009, 13:32
hi wysota,
thanks for your answer
regards nomad