View Full Version : ChessX 0.6 released

24th July 2009, 23:15
ChessX free chess database released its 0.6 version on 1st of July.

Developement is really slow due to the lack of developer. So if you have any interest in creating THE next generation free chess database please join the team. Now there is SCID, which is feature packed, but is harder on the eyes than ChessX :).

ChessX website (http://chessx.sourceforge.net).

28th July 2009, 22:58
I'd just like to add there is MacOS X package available. Download it from ChessX downloads page (http://http://chessx.sourceforge.net/?q=node/3).

Take a look at ChessX. It is next generation of open source chess database (after SCID). It needs developers and testers.

FS Lover
29th July 2009, 07:15
is it a game we can play over the network/internet?
when I run it I have no opponent and can't find any way to find one (even an AI one).

6th August 2009, 22:25
It is software that enables users to review and analyze their and other players' games. You can't play against human over network or computer.

Thanks for trying it out!