View Full Version : Problems with loading ui files on windows

5th August 2009, 11:40
I am trying to develop an app that loads its gui from ui files at runtime. This app also uses custom widgets (for the designer) which also load thei gui from ui files. Under Linux this works fine but i am having problems under Windows. I keep getting messages like: [3192] "QFormBuilder was unable to create a custom widget of the class 'Radio'; defaulting to base class 'QWidget'." . What can cause such an error?

5th August 2009, 11:49
I am not sure, but this seems like problem of widget promotion. Please elaborate your problem a little more.

5th August 2009, 12:42
Now I found out that the gui is loaded in release mode but crashes when closing the window. In debug mode i get the messages described above and it crashes in QWidget.