View Full Version : Autocompletion using Qt

7th August 2009, 10:29
I have certain API list. I want to add autocompletion feature for this API list.
so that when ever we type, codecompletion box will com and we are able to select any APi. So that it will help ful for. No need to write complete thing.
How can i implement this. Help me regarding this.

7th August 2009, 10:49
See this example (http://pepper.troll.no/s60prereleases/doc/tools-completer.html);

7th August 2009, 17:02
It would have been helpful if you had said where you want to type. If it is an editor, you can also have a look at http://doc.trolltech.com/qq/qq07-customizing-for-completion.html.