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11th August 2009, 21:09

for my current project I'm planning to use Qt and an other framework called Autumn. Autumn provides IoC capabilities - I need IoC because the project will be based on loosely coupled components organized in a kernel services architecture.

I'm wondering if I can avoid using an extra framework (Autumn) for the sake of simplicity. I came across another project providing basic IoC capabilities: http://qtioccontainer.sourceforge.net/intro.html What I'm missing here is actually the ability to organize the bean factories in a hierarchy (for projection of dependencies of services...), support for singleton objects and a neat XML syntax... anyway.

Are there more projects like the above one? Is this still the "Qt-way" or are there new methodologies? From what I feel there has been a lot of work done concerning XML enhancements in Qt recently. But none of the seems to actually cover IoC.

I'm looking forward for your input :D

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16th August 2009, 17:52
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