View Full Version : Can QWebPage see changes in a website

15th August 2009, 07:25
Pretend that QWebPage is displaying a website. This website has a <div> that gets updated once in a while. Is it possible to have QWebPage know that the div has changed?

If not through a div, it is then a way to let QWebPage know that something has changed in the website... maybe through the title tag?


15th August 2009, 07:42
What do you mean by that the <div> gets updated? Using Javascript or what?

15th August 2009, 10:59
Yes, some part of the page can get updated with AJAX and the QWebPage should know it.

15th August 2009, 23:23
I don't know what you mean that it should "know" it, but if you compare the DOM trees, they will differ.