View Full Version : Qt 4.4 - Problem displaying pixmap in release mode

19th August 2009, 20:40
Using the QGraphicsView ,Scene, and Items setup... I have 2 items that paint themselves using a QPixmap.

exactly QPainter::drawPixmap()

All works fine and drawing is much faster than when we first started (I thank all for the previous help given). Only problem arises when we switch off the debug flag and try to compile in release mode.
Compilation is fine but the pixmaps do NOT get drawn. My print statements show that the drawPixmap() function is being called and the paint function seems to be functioning fine.

I currently have a pointer to a pixmap in the subclass of the QGraphicsItem and the pixmap is redrawn when the scene changes(hide or show part of the item triggers a redraw of the pixmap).

Even before I had a regular QPixmap and drew it directly but still the same issue.

When I added save the pixmap I could see the pixmap file just fine.

Setup= Qt4.4.2, Suse 10.3, Linux 64 bit system.

I'm not sure of the compiler settings; could that be the problem?

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