View Full Version : Modifying Dialog problem

22nd May 2006, 21:52
Hello All,
Having a bit of trouble modifying a dialog that I have been working on for the last while. I was working on it this evening with no problem, but now I can't seem to move any of the widgets from their current position, when I attempt to drag them to a new location they spring back to their original!!
I've tried creating a default dialog but the problem persists, I can't add to it or move the OK or Cancel button.

Am I missing something obvious?? :confused:


22nd May 2006, 22:12
Are the widgets inside of a layout? If they are, did you try right-clicking on the layout, and do "Lay out->Break Layout", and then see if you can move them?

24th May 2006, 20:42
No they are not in any layouts.
I've tried creating a new Form and I can't seem to add any new widgets to it!
Any ideas?

25th May 2006, 19:49

Any one got ideas on this? I can edit my forms no problem on my windows workstation at work but not on my linux box at home, using qt 4.1.2

I might try installing 4.1.3 if nobody has any suggestions


25th May 2006, 20:02
Could you attach the .ui file here?

26th May 2006, 12:56
Its actually any ui file that I try. If i create a new form or open my current projects form (no problems with it on my windows workstation).
I've installed qt 4.1.3 last night (took bloody ages to build :p ) and I'll try designer this evening. If I'm still having the same issue I'll forward on my projects UI.