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28th August 2009, 10:58
Please Get a Try to Widget Virtual Keyboard.


Virtual keyboard is a widget behaving exactly as a keyboard for any input using mouse clicks. It is a QWERTY keyboard. It can be used as a separate widget within any Qt application. Its transparency can be adjusted to set input widget’s visibility.

Virtual keyboard is very useful in following, but not limited to, scenarios:
a. Security sensitive information input
b. Tablet PCs

Following is a list of most important features for Virtual Keyboard:
a. Real keyboard looks
b. Adjustable transparency
c. Security
d. Easy integration with any Qt application

Download it from here : Download Widget_Virtual_Keyboard (http://www.qt-apps.org/content/download.php?content=111054&id=1&tan=66045059)

28th August 2009, 12:12
so great
i will download it for study~
thank you!

2nd September 2009, 11:04
Its good. :)

1st October 2009, 09:09
Hi Guys !
Widget Virtual Keyboard Version 1.1 is ready to be downloaded.
Download from here. (http://www.qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Widget+Virtual+Keyboard?content=111054)

Change Log:
1. Added support for key sound.
2. Added support for print screen key.

9th October 2009, 06:09
hi ,

Suppose i need this widget keyboard, to add to my Notepad application. how do i do it?

When i open my notepad automatically this widget keyboard should come up .

Any idea?

9th October 2009, 06:34
1. Add this line to your project's .pr file.

2. Include the WidgetKeyboard and use it like a normal Qt widget.

As simple as that. ;)

9th October 2009, 11:23
1. Add this line to your project's .pr file.

2. Include the WidgetKeyboard and use it like a normal Qt widget.

As simple as that. ;)

Thanks a lot man...It Worked ..

Its a wonderful application. My Wishes and thanks

9th October 2009, 14:24
feature request:
add support for more languages... may be a simple text file or qrc that users can create and without toching the code it loads the proper translations..

19th August 2010, 12:35

I'm studying that application, and have one question about it. Why keyboard doesn't show if I remove Layouts (gridLayout_5)? I thought It's only for good look of application. I tried to find some connection in code but didn't find anything.

thanks in advance
best regards

20th August 2010, 13:42
I am very much thanks to this post. Really nice keyboard. I really appreciate your work.
Keyboard nice features which make easy and comfortable typing. Best thing about this keyboard its security. I hope many people will like these keyboard.:)

25th August 2010, 18:30
good work! :)

20th June 2012, 14:40
Hi thanks for this useful post.

I am trying to add this widget keyboard to my Qt application by including the line that you have mentioned and i can able to open keyboard in my application.

After that when i am pressing some key,keyboard and my application is getting closed.

i am getting following error

QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_btn_clicked(int)
The program has unexpectedly finished.

Could you able to help me out to sort out this issue.

Thanks in advance.


21st June 2012, 06:59
Sorry for the above post. That was my mistake, i was not sending parent .

Now its working fine.


28th June 2012, 08:16

I have a small query regarding the widget keyboard sample application.

When i have full screen QT qindow and i am trying to click QT window,the widget keyboard is going to back. In my application i need the keyboard should be visible in all time until i close keyboard.

What could be the changes i need to make.

Could you guys please help me with suggestions..

Thanks in Advance

12th July 2012, 11:22
It's good , Thanks.