View Full Version : QT 4.1 Designer issues with Mac

5th January 2006, 20:26
Hi All,
I am new to QT and have it up and running on both Mac and Windows. But on the Mac QT Designer I seem to be missing some key elements. There does not seem to be a way to create a main menu or toolbar like there is in the Windows version. Also, when I create a Tree Widget or Table Widget I can not access the "Edit Items" window to add columns and rows (right clicking on the widget does not give the "edit items..." option). I can find all of these elements on the Windows version. Anyone else seen this? Have any suggestions?

5th January 2006, 20:45
Are you running the same versions of Qt Designer on both systems? Features you mention were introduced in Qt 4.1, if you don't have them on your Mac installation, it could mean you have an older version there.

5th January 2006, 20:48
Both are 4.1.0

5th January 2006, 21:09
Everything works fine here (see attached screenshot).

Are you sure that you use the designer of Qt 4.1 and not just the library? Did you had a previous version of Qt4 installed?

6th January 2006, 18:28
Must have connected something incorrectly... I downloaded a new version and re-installed it. works now.