View Full Version : Library QSerialDevice v 0.1.0 released

15th September 2009, 07:47

QSerialDevice - a cross platform library for serial devices (ports).
Library provides an adequate interface and created based on Qt4.
The library comes with a GPL license.
Is an alternative to the famous library QextSerialPort, but unlike it has:
1. The structure of the project based on private/public classes
2. The structure of the classes of the same class QAbstractSocket
3. For all platforms, supports event processing cycle to monitor events from the serial device (port)
4. Implemented reading and writing large amounts of data without loss (tested up to 4096 bytes at a time)
5. Working with the port is in asynchronous mode
6. Added documentation in two languages: Russian and English (doxygen)

This version is still a test, I will be glad to any suggestions.

The archive with the library are simple console example programs that demonstrate the writing and reading data.

There is also an old (lightweight) version of this library (v 0.0.3) which is similar to QextSerialPort.

download here: http://fireforge.net/projects/qserialdevice/
or here http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php?content=112039