View Full Version : QtStyles and Application Crashes

19th September 2009, 15:59
Hi, I have written progam using "Plastique" style from beginning and had no problem. Then I have build the same working program not using and set styled but just system default, and i get many application crashed from different places in the program. Then I re-enabled the "Plastique" style and tada, no crashes. I have already spent many hours trying to figure out why it does not work it with system default style.

with code below, I do not get any crashes

QApplication a(argc, argv);

but if I comment out setStyle, I get many program crashed from different areas.

QApplication a(argc, argv);

Can anyone give any insight of what might be going wrong.

I use Qt Creator 1.1.1 Based on Qt 4.5.1
my program code can be found on http://sourceforge.net/projects/softprojector/