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23rd September 2009, 12:06
Goodday fellow QT'ers,

atm i am working on a music database program and would like to add a whole dir into a database, meaning my programs scans the files and then puts them seperatly into the database.

Now here is my problem, whenever i load an mp3 into a mediaobject and get the statechanged emit i try to get the metadata from the file but all i get is:


while in my id3tags i read from another program album genre etc are filled in.

i tried with several mp3's and several id3 version but all give me the same output.

So my question is how come QT or Phonon sees only those 3 tags and not the rest, what am i doing wrong or is there any better way to just get the id3 info from a file?

thanx in advance for your help

-regards Baasie

25th May 2010, 21:52
Did you ever find a solution?

Qt 4.6.2, 2010.02.1 Windows SDK (mingw) I have the same issue and I'm using TagLib to compensate for the missing Album and Tracknumber (http://developer.kde.org/~wheeler/taglib/api/).