View Full Version : Multiple displays on X11

24th September 2009, 09:15
I have a graphics card driving 4 seperate display outputs. I am running XServer and trying yo to use these seperate displays.

On XServer, each display is initialized correctly but when I try to move a widget created on the first display to the second display, the widget cannot move to the second display. Instead, it moves away from the right side of the first display and moves back in from the left side of the display.

I guess I have to tell my application to use each displays. How can I tell QApplication to use each of these displays?

Currently I am initializing QApplication with the following way:
QApplication app ( XOpenDisplay ( ) );


25th September 2009, 18:25
This is a good question, I'd like to know that too... Did you ask qt service? (is that availiable fof GPL projects?)