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24th September 2009, 09:56
Goodday fellow QT'ers,

atm i am working on a media program that list and stores music in a database (like itunes), but this program must be able to connect and store music on most mp3 players.

now here is the problem, you have ipod to consider and you have MTP (the others :P) to consider. and i want to put music on both devices, detect them and transfer the files.

So my question is does anyone have any good documentation on how i need to approach my problem ?

many thanx in advance,



25th September 2009, 08:38
some updates, i checked some sites and found the library libmtp, But does anyone know how to implement this into windows ?

thanx in advance

site: http://libmtp.sourceforge.net/

25th September 2009, 14:39
Another update.

So yeah i downloaded the follwing stuff:


(needed for libmtp)


trough msys i configured and make libiconv but libusb is an isntaller and once i configure libmtp it asked for the libusb libraries.

it asked me to do LDFLAGS=-L/usr/lib/ but i tried any combination i could possibly believe but it just does not want to take it. The lib is in c:/libmtp/libUSB/ but it doens nto want to get it... anyone has any ideas ?

thanx in advance