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25th September 2009, 10:35
I have a problem with the QtDesigner. The program compiles and links fine but it doesnt start. The designer says: "output help library cant not be found"
(I translated it from german)
I only have this problem when i want to debug the program. Running it wihtout a debugger works fine.

Maybe this informations will help:
The thread window shows 3 threads.....

0 guard32!?Exported@@YAXXZ C:\Windows\system32\guard32.dll 0
1 ?? 0
2 ?? 0

25th September 2009, 21:51
Ok....I fixed the problem on my own.
There is something wrong with the Comodo Firewall....i uninstalled the firewall and the programm started working as it should immediately.

I really hope this is not always like this......Not a single reply after several hours....:mad:

25th September 2009, 22:17
Just wondering why you want to debug QtDesigner?

30th September 2009, 08:48
Hm.....maybe i wrote not clear enough.
I dont want to debug or compile QtDesigner.....i talked about a normal program and doing the debug with the QtDesigner....sorry about that

30th September 2009, 08:54
I see... So you are talking about Qt Creator, yes? Qt Designer is only for UI forms design - no chance to debug programs with it.