View Full Version : Phonon crashes application when creating a VideoPlayer

29th September 2009, 09:58

i got a strange problem when i am trying to use phonon for video playback. I added the Phonon::VideoPlayer widget in two different ways. First in the constructor of the parent widget. This version worked an Videos where played. Unfortunately the VideoWidget needs about 6 seconds to run its constructor which initializes the back-end. That's why i would like to create those widgets only on demand when video playback is necessary.

When i try to create a VideoPlayer on a PushButton click and integrate it into an existing widget the whole program crashes. This is caused by an unhandled exception thrown by phonon_ds94.dll.

The last line of code i was able to debug to is the following:

videoPlayer = new Phonon::VideoPlayer(containerWidget);

Does anyone have a tip what i can do about that ? Or how can i make Phonon check its back-end only once to lower initialization times in the VideoWidget's constructor ?

I am currently using Qt 4.5.1 on windows in connection with Visual Studion 2008 and its compiler.

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