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29th September 2009, 14:10
Hi Everyone,

I am a mac software developer and I want to create cross-platefrom application with Qt.

The Cocoa framework have lot of objects and classes very useful like NSNotificationCenter.

To sum up, this class allow every object to create dynamically(during execution of a program) a notification and every other objects could become oberver of this notification, so they will be informed when the action notified occur.

For example, an object called "wheel" can create a notification called "MyRadiusChnaged" and objects like "car" can become observer of this notification and be informed when the radius of a wheel changed. This is not a great example sorry ^^.

I am looking for some equivalent objects in Qt but I found nothing.
Do you find something which can help me in QT?
Do you know if an other cross-plateform library have objects like that?

I think Signal and Slot of Qt could help me to create a similar objects if this kind of object doesn't exist. but to do that I need to declare, dynamically (during execution of a program) in a header file, a signal.

Someone know if it is possible to create dynamically a signal?

I use Qt 4.5.2 with QtCreator 1.2.

If you have questions, don't hesitate I am here to respond.

Thank you for reading.

Bye bye