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5th October 2009, 15:59
:)Hi All,

I have created a custom Google search engine( www.Qtsearch.info ) for Qt related query.
What is the advantage of www.Qtsearch.info?
If you searching something Qt related keyword, let’s say searching for FONT implementation in Qt,
What you will get if you search in Google? You will get font implementation details from all the language like VC++, VB, etc on first page.
Whatever you looking for that will appear may be on 10th page. Right?

If you search in Qtsearch.info , you will get on first page.

I have included all the std Qt website in the preference search list, like qtcentre.org, qt.nokia.com, etc.
If still your search keyword not included in the listed website, then it will search in Google and show you the result.

If you find any qt website not included in the search website list then please send mail to info@qtsearch.info

Please try and send me suggestion to improve.:(

6th October 2009, 21:40
Hi rajesh,

Congratulations for you initiative. It is very good and very usable.

If I will have some suggestion I am going to send for you.

Congratulations (again)