View Full Version : Qt Embedded Run time performance

6th October 2009, 19:06
I have few query regarding the run time performance of qt embedded.
Which gives better performance.?
1) IPC using DBUS
2) using threading
3) or using Socket or Shared Memory.

I am using DBus and passing data over two application mainly Messages. I am suffering with Slow system response.
I am using 200Mhz processor mainly for Qt only, but qt Processevent() take almost 30ms to process events from another process using dbus.

Does dbus has certain limitation when use with Qt?
Does anybody has face same kind of problem when Using IPC with Qt.

7th October 2009, 14:19
D-bus is the slowest but also the most high level solution. Shared memory is the fastest but it is not so easy to use. You have to make a tradeoff between speed and ease of use.

8th October 2009, 16:36
hi, have you considered QCopChannel? I have not measured the performance, but it's another option to try.