View Full Version : Reverse DockWidget/Toolbar docking areas

8th October 2009, 05:48
I have a custom command prompt like widget that I need to touch the lower left and right corners when docked. Currently, I am simply adding my command prompt widget to a toolbar so that I can achieve this. I would like for it to be able to be resizable via a top gripper such as dockwidgets can. The problem with inserting it into a dockwidget is that when more and more toolbars are added to the left and right sides of the screen, it shrinks the command prompt.

I believe that the best solution would be to somehow tell QT4 to swap the dockwidget/toolbar docking areas so that when a dockwidget is docked, it is in the outermost portion of the window. I've looked through the QT4 Assistant for it but it seems that Q3Toolbar worked similarly but I don't want to introduce any QT3 components.