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8th October 2009, 16:37
Hi friends,
I want to implemnt a http requst and response based application in qt. so that i created small application in main window,in that one text edit for taking input url and display the respionse in Text browser. it's working fine with out proxy setting in any machine.So my problem is suppose any proxy setting's available in any machine that time my application is not working..(I want to take default IE proxysettings). I attached the code please fine the attachement of code where i did mistake..

9th October 2009, 10:36
It is very strange application? you have wrote.
There are many question take place.

Why you are create in heap QHttp by clicking on button and do not delete him(QHttp)?
Why you are not use QHttp::setProxy or QNetworkProxy::setApplicationProxy()?
Why you hardcode and 8000?